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Application Terms Policies and Administration

1. Application Terms Policies and Administration

1.1 Application Terms

Application Terms are a contract entered between Participants and Organizers, and provide the requirements Participants agree to in order to qualify for a Ticket Fee Reimbursement, either part or in whole. Such provisions should also be repeated in the FAQ, to give the Participant the best possible chance of satisfactorily meeting expectations. festiVOL understands there are many diverse event types and programs, and as such allows each event to set up their own unique application terms, provided they adhere to the following minimum standards:

(a) Application acceptance by Organizer should not discriminate on the basis of color, race, religion (creed), fender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.

(b) Any application acceptance criteria employed by organizer should be clearly distinguished on the Event Home Page, viewable to prospective registrants and Participants prior to accessing the application.

(c) Organizer and Participants understand that the Application Terms are a contract which provide the stipulations for Participant Reimbursements. Organizer must ensure Participants are provided with all ample information, equipment, access, locations, and managing supervisors required for assigned shift completion.

(d) Application Terms should include the following at minimum:

1.2 Work Obligation Requirement – Qualifying for a Ticket Fee Reimbursement:

(a) The total number of hours required over the course of the event (the average minimum hours required).

(b) The number of hours expected in each shift, and the total number of shifts expected to be assigned per Participant.

(c) The dates and times shifts may be scheduled.

(d) The location(s) where shifts will take place.

(e) Any special requirements for completing shifts, or completing overall Work Obligation.

(f) Required arrival dates and times.

(g) Age requirements to participate.

(h) Any fees for application processing.

(i) Applicable cancellation fees and dates fees apply.

(j) Ticket fee amounts and reimbursement amounts.

(k) ALL Terms and guidelines Participants must adhere to in order to qualify for a Completed Obligation and a Ticket Fee Reimbursement. If the item is not posted in the Application Terms, it cannot be effectively used to determine eligibility for Ticket Fee Reimbursement following the event.

(l) General expectations on communication from the Organizer to the Participant: how and when the Participant will be contacted, when the Schedules will be published, how the Participant will be contacted, etc.

(m) Required clock in dates and times associated with the completion of Work Obligation.

(n) Any requirements in relation to Code of Conduct, including, but not limited to, sobriety expectations, tardiness, misconduct, etc.

2. festiVOL Term Inclusions

(a) A 2 week dispute timeframe must be offered all Participants. Following the end of the event, or the last day a Participant may be completing a shift, the Organizer must complete post-event accounting and ensure that all Participants that have completed their Work Obligation are marked as such in festiVOL (Work Obligation = Complete = Clocked in and Out of ALL Assigned Shifts). Once this is complete, Organizer is left with a list of Participants that have not qualified for a Ticket Fee Reimbursement, and must mark these Participants as Ticket Fee Forfeited within the Event Close Out Transaction Manager (see festiVOL Reimbursement Policy Requirements). Once this is completed, Participants that are marked as Ticket Fee Reimbursement Forfeited will be notified of this status via an auto-generated email from festiVOL, at which point Participants will be given a two-week time frame to dispute their forfeited status with event Organizer. This process must be published to all prospective participants and included in the Application Terms:

“Forfeiture Appeals Process.”

“All forfeiture notices will be sent via email following the event and posted within workers’ festiVOL accounts, in the Event Home Page, Step 2: Reimbursable Tickets. The forfeiture appeals time period will last 2 weeks following the posting of forfeiture notices to accounts. Any worker may appeal event’s decision to forfeit ticket fee reimbursement during the allotted 2 week appeals period. All forfeiture appeals received within the allowable time will be considered. Once an appeal is received, the event admin will contact event supervisors and managers and jointly decide to reverser forfeit status and reimburse the ticket fee, or maintain forfeit status. All decisions by event are final, and may not be appealed a second time.”

(b) Inclusion of festiVOL in the general liability waivers included within Terms: - I agree to indemnify and hold harmless festiVOL, employees, and affiliated partners from any and all losses, claims, actions, damages, and expenses.
- I agree to allow my photograph to be taken during my work shifts for promotional purposes by Organizer and/or Event.
- I understand that festiVOL is a third-party software used to manage event workers, all terms and program management are provided and executed by Organizer

(c) Application Terms may not be changed with respect to registrations made prior to the date of such change and its posting to the applicable event page.