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Lockn' Festival 2013

Arrington, VA, United States

Sept 5th-8th

Event Info

We are accepting applications and deposits until Tuesday at MIDNIGHT EST

Event Details at a Glance

All volunteers are applying to be General Volunteers.  A small number of volunteers will be selected for PreFestival and PostFestival work.  In order to be considered for these categories, denote in your application that you are available for work Pre or Post Festival.  Those selected for Pre or Post Festival will receive a notification email.

Work Requirement - 18 hours

This is the average minimum – some work a little more, some a little less.

PreFestival - There is no prefestival.

PostFestival - Sep 9 - Sep 10 - a total of 24.0 hours.

Nonrefundable Order Processing Fee - $15.00 

Refundable Deposit - $330.00 

Required to lock in your volunteer spot.  Refunded if you complete all of your work assignments satisfactorily in compliance with Work Exchange Team and Lockn' Festival 2013 rules and regulations.  See FAQ for cancellation schedule and fees.

Accommodation - Camping provided

Camping will be provided in a designated WET camping area.  

Check In Date – Wednesday September 4th between 3:00 PM & 8:00 PM at the Event Box Office.

General Volunteers - All volunteers  must be onsite by Wedensday September 4th between 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM.  You may not arrive with non-volunteers prior to gates opening. 

PostFestival - Volunteers may check in with General Volunteers on Wednesday September 4th between 3:00 PM -  8:00PM, or anytime after gates open to the public.  See FAQ for all PostFestival details.

Steps to Volunteering

1. Read the FAQ - For all information about your volunteer experience.  Read this before applying!  Go to the Event Options drop down menu above to access the FAQ.

2. Order Processing Fee - Pay the nonrefundable $15.00 order processing fee.

3. Submit Application - Be sure to tell us your skills and preferred departments as we use this information when putting together your schedule.  You will be able to check your acceptance status within a few hours of applying in your My Events.

4. Put Down Deposit & Waiver - In order to secure your volunteer spot, you must put down a refundable deposit of $330.00 and sign a waiver.  Once you have submitted your deposit, you will be able to select friends to work with (you must be connected with facebook to access this feature).  Your deposit is our insurance that you will work – please see all applicable terms below as well as FAQ for cancellation fees and how to ensure your deposit is refunded to you following Lockn' Festival 2013.

5. Watch Inbox - Be sure to accept emails from  Important information will be delivered to the email address you provide.

6. Watch My Events Section you can check your application and deposit status here.  When available, your schedule will be posted here as well (some events require that we wait to release schedules until you check in at the event).

Ready to Apply?

Click the FAQ button at the top of this page to read through the FAQ, then click the application to enter your details!



Get all the facts in the FAQ.

Steps to Confirm Work Position