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BUKU Music + Art Project

New Orleans, LA, United States

March 22 - 23

Event Info

Welcome to the BUKU Music + Art Project BUKrewe FanStaff Program
Join us at BUKU Music + Art Project as BUKrewe FanStaff! This special program is designed for fans that want to get involved and offset the cost of an attendance ticket. BUKrewe FanStaff positions are limited in work hours, and BUKrewe FanStaff are offered a discount on the attendance ticket following completion of work shifts. BUKrewe FanStaff get music industry and work experience in an exciting live-event environment, and attend at much less than the rest!

Work Requirement 
Our goal is that each worker will work 12 hours during the event. Depending on your role on-site and the various needs that arise at the event, you may be able to work more or less than 12 hours during the event.

BUKrewe FanStaff Ticket
BUKrewe FanStaff wishing to attend BUKU Music + Art Project may purchase a BUKrewe FanStaff ticket that transforms into a discounted staff ticket once all assigned shifts are completed. Following the event, all BUKrewe FanStaff that complete assigned shifts in good standing will receive a partial refund. Note only BUKrewe FanStaff Tickets purchased on festiVOL are reimbursable.

    BUKrewe FanStaff Ticket Perks:

1. Access to BUKU Music + Art Project as an event attendee.

2. A BUKrewe FanStaff T-shirt (supplies limited)

3. Workers that satisfactorily complete all assigned work shifts, in accordance with BUKU Music + Art Project rules and regulations, will receive a paycheck for all completed shifts to offset the cost of the discounted staff ticket.


Required BUKrewe FanStaff Arrival Date  - One day before shift
All BUKrewe FanStaff must arrive to New Orleans one day prior to your first shift. We would like for you to have time to settle and arrive to work well rested. Nonworking patrons may only enter once festival gates have opened to the public.

BUKrewe FanStaff Applications
Applications will go live on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019.

Get all the facts in the FAQ.

Steps to Confirm Work Position