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Reimbursement Policies

1. Reimbursement Policies and Administration

1.1 Reimbursements are refunds offered by the Organizer for all or part of a ticket fee, in exchange for assigned shift completion on the part of the Participant (e.g. Work Exchange for Ticket Fee Reimbursement). Reimbursement terms are published in full and agreed to by the Participants within the Organizer Application Terms Policies. Participant and Organizer agree that Reimbursements are qualified and will be processed, in accordance with these Terms, when the two following criteria have been met by Participant:

(a) Participant completes assigned shifts listed in festiVOL and earns the status of Work Obligation Complete within their festiVOL Event Home Page, and

(b) Participant follows the event general code of conduct and similar rules which may be stated within the Event Application Terms or FAQ. We provide flexibility for Organizers to post their own policies with respect to their events, so long as they meet the following minimum requirements:

(c) All Reimbursement policies and terms must be posted on the Application Terms page and pertinent portions should be repeated in layman’s terms within the FAQ (see Application Terms Policies)

(d) “No Reimbursement” policies are not permissible;

(e) Reimbursement policies must be in accordance with all applicable local, state, provincial, national and other laws, rules and regulations, including all requirements imposed by Card Schemes or Alternative Form of Payment Frameworks (each as defined in the Merchant Agreement);

(d) Reimbursement policies listed in the Application Terms must include all specific requirements for a Participant to qualify for a ticket fee Reimbursement, including what action(s) the Participant must take to secure Reimbursement (See Application Terms Policies);

(f) Reimbursement policies must apply to all Participants equally; they must be fair and should not discriminate, and include clear expectations that are reasonably able to be met by all Participants;

(g) Reimbursement policies may not be changed with respect to purchases made prior to the date of such change and its posting to the applicable event page;

(h) Reimbursement policies must set out a specific time frame within which qualified Reimbursements will be processed following Event, which should not exceed five (5) business days from the event end date;

(i) Organizer understands that Participant must be grated reasonable access to all tools, personnel, locations, and information needed to complete assigned shifts and therefore qualify for Reimbursement. Should Organizer fail to provide Participant with adequate access to shift completion requisites, festiVOL, at its sole discretion, may intervene and activate a Setoff claim and reverse Reimbursement forfeitures for applicable Participants;

(j) Organizer must communicate shift expectations and requirements in advance of event, and must reasonably provide stated expectations to Participants, especially in pertaining to Participant’s ability to perform shift requirements to qualify for a reimbursement. Should a Participant report discrepancies in communicated or published terms and expectations, festiVOL may, at its sole discretion, intervene and activate a Setoff claim and reverse Reimbursement forfeitures for applicable Participants;

(k) Force Majeure Event – Organizer agrees to cancel and release from obligation any Participant shift that was affected by, or not able to be reasonably completed because of, a Force Majeure Event, including but not limited to an act of terrorism, riots, fire, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, explosion, storms, strikes, police or military interference, lockouts, slowdowns, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, and acts of state or governmental action prohibiting or reasonably impeding Participant from completing activity; and

(l) Reimbursement policies must include a two-week dispute period for any Participant marked by Organizer to forfeit ticket fee reimbursement. The two week dispute time period begins on the date of initial forfeiture notice to the last Participant notified/marked as forfeited. Organizer must respond to all disputes within two (2) business days of first receipt, and follow through with Reimbursements forfeiture reversals when applicable. Organizer agrees to provide any and all claims due process, and adhere to the Organizer posted Application Terms and guidelines in making final forfeiture decisions. Should a Particpant report discrepancies in communicated or published terms or expectations, festiVOL may intervene and activate a Setoff claim and reverse Reimbursement forfeitures for applicable Participants.

1.2 PostEvent Accounting: Reimbursement Process

Organizer will make all efforts to time clock Participants within festiVOL at time of activity start and end, for publishing to the Participant in the Participant’s My Schedule section of their Event Home Page. When not able to process within festiVOL at activity start and/or end time, Organizer will enter data into festiVOL for publishing to Participants, no later than three (3) business days following event end date. Organizers will make every effort to publish time clock data as soon as possible, for each activity assigned. Organizer will make all efforts to collect any and all data needed to time clock all assigned activities within festiVOL, and ensure that all Participants who completed all assigned activities are time clocked for each activity (which will mark them as Completed Obligation, and publish this status to Participants). Completed Obligation indicates, along with Application Terms, that a Participant will qualify for and receive a ticket fee Reimbursement.
No later than (7) business days following event end date, Organizer will complete post-event accounting within Onsite Management Tab -> Worker Shift Reports. Organizers must ensure that the following two stipulations are met:

(1)    All Participants that are marked as Obligation Incomplete are:

a.   Either updated to Obligation Complete by editing activity time clock data to ensure each activity contains a clock in and clock out time,

b.   Or left as Obligation Incomplete for marking as Forfeited Reimbursement in Events Tab -> Bulk Refunds

(2)    Once all Participants are marked as either Obligation Incomplete or Obligation Complete, and Organizer is reasonably sure that Obligation Incomplete list is accurate as according to Activity Supervisors and notes and time clock data within festiVOL, Organizer will proceed to processing forfeited Ticket Fee Reimbursements within Events Tab -> Event Close Out Refund Manager: Forfeited Ticket Reimbursements.

a.   Select all Participants to mark as Forfeit Ticket Reimbursement and click “Forfeit Ticket Reimbursement Button.”

b.   Marking the Participant (s) as forfeited will send an email direct from festiVOL to the email address stored in their Profile including the following text:
“Our records indicate that you did not complete 1 or more of your assigned shifts at %EventDisplayName%. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact %EventEmailContact% by email within the next 2 weeks. We will consider all appeals made during the 2 week appeals timeframe. After the 2 week period, no appeals will be considered, and reimbursement opportunities will be forfeited.” The Organizer will then proceed to processing Ticket Fee Reimbursements for all Obligation Complete Participants. To process Reimbursements, Organizer will proceed to Refund Completed Obligations section:

a.   Select all Participants to process Reimbursements for and click “Refund Ticket Fees”.

b.   Organizer may choose at this time to reimburse a value less than the ticket fee, however this value must be the reimbursement value published to Participants and agreed to in Application Terms and FAQ pages.

c.   Reimbursements will process immediately through the Merchant Account and be posted back to the credit or bank card each Participant used to make the original ticket purchase within seven (7) business days.
Following Reimbursements, Organizers will need to check that all Participants are either Forfeited Ticket Reimbursement, or Refunded Ticket Fee (Reimbursement Processed). To facilitate data analysis, Organizer may proceed to Workers in Limbo section of Event Close Out Refund Manager. This table will display any Participants that may have incorrect ticket or obligation statuses, including Participants that Merchant Account returned with a “Refund Error”. When using fPP, contact festiVOL for information pertaining to and assistance in handling Refund Errors. When using EPP, contact the associated merchant account for assistance. Refund errors may be handled through manual refund on Participant card by festiVOL, or check mailed by Organizer.

1.3 PostEvent Accounting: Reversing a Forfeited Reimbursement

Organizer may decide to reverse a Forfeited Reimbursement based on a Participant forfeiture dispute.

1)   To Reverse Forfeiture: In Events Tab -> Transaction Management: Event Close Out Refund Manager, select the Participant(s) to apply Reimbursement Forfeiture reversal. Click button “Reverse Forfeited Ticket Reimbursement”. Follow prompts in pop up dialogue.

2)   To process Reimbursement: Pull up Participant(s) record(s) and complete time clock on and incomplete shift(s) (clock in and out of shift(s)). Then process Reimbursement in the same manner as explained above, by selecting Participant(s) in Refund Completed Obligations and clicking the button “Refund Ticket Fees.”