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Will Work For Music
WET as it is called is a great way to gain perspective on the music industry. Whether it be simply volunteering before a festival setting up fences and staying after cleaning up for the free weekend your just enjoyed, to working backstage stocking artist coolers in the hospitality tents during the show, there are many different levels of involvement and experience gained by volunteering. I started in 09 at All Good Music festival, in a volunteer position backstage I ended up returning to as a paid staff member.
- Aaron
Somers, NY
WET made my trip to Michigan from Florida possible, and made Electric Forest once of the best festy experiences I've had. My job allowed me to still attend all the shows and I met a lot of awesome people through being on the Walking Information Team. I loved it and would highly suggest it to anyone considering WET.
- Victoria
Wesley Chapel, FL
Work Exchange Team through Shimon Presents has been one of the most fun and enriching experiences of my life. In 2011, through WET team, my siblings and I were able to help construct the forest in the now famous Electric Forest Festival in Michigan. As we worked with real staff members and artists, we were truly back stage in the music business. WET is not a typical volunteering job. It's a unique and fun chance to be involved on a whole new level. Thanks, WET !!! Love, the Franchots
- Will
Atlanta, GA
First off, as a music fan, anyone/anything that allows me to see live music for no fee, is awesome! But when i get a chance to be a part of something bigger than me that is also part of something i love, I think that it is outstanding! keep up the good work and ill keep signing up to volunteer at festivals!
- Max
Tallahassee, FL
I work as the volunteer coordinator for VIP department at the Wakarusa and YMSB Harvest Festivals . I first started at the Wakarusa festival as a Work Exchange Team volunteer when the festival moved to my home state of Arkansas in 2009. Even though it is volunteer work, the waved price of admission makes it like a paid position, so when I was doing the work I took it seriously while making it fun. Good attitude and work initiative paid off and the VIP coordinator recruited me to work on his staff.
Alman, CO
Working for the WET team has been a fantastic experience. I have met some wonderful people, had some great opportunities because of my experiences and got to see a whole lot of fantastic acts all over the country.
Grand Rapids, MI
Volunteering with WET is the ultimate way for the live music enthusiast to enhance his/her concert experience. The WET team is very well organized and is always working hard to make sure the volunteers are happy and having a great time. The program creates an atmosphere where the volunteers can network with each other as well as with seasoned employees in the music industry.WET not only gave me the opportunity to enjoy countless great concerts across the country, but it introduced me to some well connected music professionals. I showed them my hard working ethic, and it paid off. Now I am a paid employee for CID, a company I met through WET and am doing what I love with people who are just as passionate about music as I am.
- Christian
Arlington, Virginia
I worked at Bonnaroo in 2010, and it was one of the best experiences of my life! Getting to meet so many people from all over and also love the music was amazing. On top of all that i really enjoyed getting to give back to the fesival that has given me so much.
- Ryan
Lafayette, Louisiana
The Work Exchange Team at All Good is an integral part of the event's success. We really rely on WETs. It is especially helpful to be able to request WETs with specific qualities/skills to fulfill the needs of various departments. They are always ready to get the job done!
-Tim Walther
All Good Music Festival
2009 was a year of transition and excitement for Wakarusa as the festival moved from Lawrence, KS to Mulberry Mountain just outside of Ozark, AR. It was also our first year teaming up with the Work Exchange Team. The work and preparation behind the scenes at a festival is immense; often with changing or unforeseen circumstances. Having an organization like the WET program to fill gaps with volunteers in everything from parking to production immediately when the need arises makes a world of difference. Our continued relationship with WET since 2009 is a testament to the amazing job and dedication that they bring to every event. We are going into our 4th year of Wakarusa in Arkansas and couldn’t imagine doing it without the WET program.
- Nathan Preger
Wakarusa Music Festival